Apprentice Stories


Ellie – was planning on University

I was going to go to university, but on results day my whole world crashed to my feet and I had no idea what I was going to do. I got an email about the Pret Apprenticeship and, if I’m honest, I didn’t know too much about Pret, except that my dad loved them! I decided to apply and it all happened so quickly!

I started the apprenticeship and within three months I had the opportunity to become a Team Member Trainer for my shop. After that, I was then asked to train as a Kitchen Leader. I recently returned from opening a new shop in Utrecht in the Netherlands – I was responsible for training Team Members. It’s been amazing!

My friends at Uni don’t know what they’re going to do when they finish, no clue! I want to travel, open new shops all over the world and work my way up.

I’ve learnt how to manage my money on one of the Pret Apprenticeship courses; I’m earning, I’m debt free and I’ve been able to buy myself a Mini! I’ve also made some really good friends through the apprenticeship that I can rely on, it’s like a family. 

“I want to travel, open new shops all over the world and work my way up.”


Charley - used to be a fishmonger... now she loves working with people (not fish)...

I wanted to work in the hospitality industry and I decided the Pret Apprenticeship was for me. I knew that it would be a fast-paced working environment where I could learn and grow.

I am really enjoying my experience so far, the  team made me feel welcome, they are all friendly and I was so proud to be promoted within my first 6 months too!

The biggest thing I have learnt since starting at Pret, even though it’s cliché, is that I know I can achieve anything that I want to if I put my mind to it and I have a lot more confidence in myself that I never knew that I had. 

My ambition is to carry on with my career at Pret and become a manager, being on the Apprenticeship programme gives me the opportunity to get a fully-funded degree on my journey to management.


“I wanted to work in hospitality & I knew that Pret was a fast-paced working environment and that excited me. I got promoted in my first 6 months & my ambition is to hopefully one day become manager.”


Horaicy - wanted to gain qualifications and skills in management while working

The Pret Apprenticeship excited me as it offered the chance to gain qualifications and skills, while working.

The programme allows me to connect theory with practice and I have differentiated myself by putting my knowledge into action in my shop. I have learnt more about sustainability and have even been empowered to become a Sustainability Champion in my area.

Dealing with customers and working in a team has given me the confidence and maturity to engage with people, I have improved my communication and my organisational skills. I have learned to work with a positive attitude and well under pressure.
I truly feel like Superwoman, capable of achieving my goals and to pursue my dream of becoming part of the management team.

The Pret Apprenticeship is there to empower people and it has made me become a better version of myself.

“Since starting my Pret Apprenticeship I have become the sustainability champion in my shop (even reducing my energy consumption at home by 65%).”


Dominic – wants to grow in Pret and become a manager

I finished school and joined Pret on work experience. I enjoyed my time so much, that I decided to stay. 

Right from the start I've been put on the right path to succeed in my apprenticeship. I was very shy before I joined, now my confidence has grown and through experiencing different situations I have overcome many challenges.

The people and the vibes in the shop have made me enjoy Pret, the team working is great. I can really see myself being a manager and Pret will support me with qualifications to get there!

“I came to Pret for Big Experience Week and enjoyed it so much I decided to stick around. I'm now on our Apprenticeship Programme and I've gained more confidence in myself each day.”