Apprenticeship FAQ's


All you need to know about the Pret Apprenticeship

What qualifications can an apprentice gain?

Each level of an apprenticeship maps to a different educational level:
• Level 2 is the equivalent to two x GCSEs
• Level 3 is equivalent to two x A levels
• Level 4 is equivalent to Higher Education Diploma
• Level 5 is equivalent to a Foundation Degree
• Level 6 is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree
On graduating apprentices will receive a national, industry recognised apprenticeship certificate.

Do applicants need qualifications to apply?

At Pret our values and behaviours are very important, we recruit on qualities, not qualifications. We are looking for apprentices who are can demonstrate:

• Passion
• Clear communication
• Team work
• Great execution

Are there any eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for the Pret Apprenticeship, applicants will need to meet the following criteria:
• Aged 16+ years
• Not currently in any other form of education or training - such as college or university
• Have been an EU/UK resident for 3+ years
• Do not have a qualification at the same level or above in a similar discipline

Is there an age limit for the apprenticeship?

No, the Pret Apprenticeship is available for all ages over 16.

How much do apprentices earn?

An apprentice's starting salary is between £15,925 - £16,562 per year.

What is the cost of the apprenticeship?

There is no cost to apprentices or their families, all training is fully funded by Pret.

Will apprentices get normal holiday?

Yes, apprentices are employed under our normal Team Member contract, so will accrue holiday as normal.

Who trains the apprentices?

Pret have partnered with one of the UK’s top training providers, Lifetime Training, who will train and support apprentices throughout their apprenticeship. Each apprentice will be allocated a trainer, who will visit them in their shop every 8 weeks to deliver 1-2-1 teaching and set work to complete between their visits. They’ll also be on hand to answer any questions throughout the programme.

Apprentices will also do their own self-study, in their working hours, and be supported by their General Manager, a Team Member Trainer and the Apprenticeship Team.

What if an apprentice has additional learning needs?

If an apprentice has additional learning needs, Lifetime (our training provider) have specialist tutors to provide extra support.

Will apprentices need to do anything at home?

Apprentices will have lots of opportunity to train and learn in their working hours, however some apprentices do like to do extra learning at home. They will have access to lots of brilliant resources they can access from a mobile, tablet or desktop device so they can learn when and where it suits them.

What extra support can apprentices expect from Pret?

There is a lot of additional support available for apprentices. We have a robust process to support all our team members whether this is in a personal or professional capacity.

As part of the programme, apprentices may also need to achieve qualifications in English and Maths – these are known as ‘Functional Skills’.

Functional Skills are the English and Maths ‘industry transferable skills’ equivalent to holding the relevant GCSE levels. These may have been achieved at school or college, in which case they will not need to complete any further study.

For the level 2 apprenticeship, apprentices will need to have achieved a D or above in both English and Maths. If they do not hold these qualifications, don’t worry, Lifetime will support them to achieve them. Apprentices will have extra support from a specialist English and Maths tutor to ensure they are fully supported throughout the process.

Who can I contact if I have any other questions about the apprenticeship or my application?

If you have any questions, please contact the Apprenticeship Team by emailing