Pret Academy

Pret Academy

Learn (with a laugh)

From Team Member to Leader, Manager and beyond. The Pret Academy has structured learning pathways that provide clear, practical training as well as a range of certified qualifications. 

Masterminds in the making

Our people are the key to our success, so we are keen to give all of Team Pret the opportunity to develop through the Pret Academy. Our Barista’s can train for a Level 2 Apprenticeship, our Leaders can earn a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership and our Hot Chefs can achieve a Level 2 Apprenticeship.

Team Pret


Over 80% of our Managers started as Team Members


9,000 Team Members and above attended a training course at our UK academy in 2019


Earn professional qualifications - we offer Apprenticeships from Level 2 to Level 6

“We want people to feel special about coming here; we create an environment where people want to learn and develop feeling energised by the experience. 

The Pret Academy Team
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